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Staff Writer at Newslo. Volunteer Coordinator at the New York Neo-Futurists. Managing Director of Roving Brooklyn. Marketing Intern at Policy Genius.



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My book comes out next Tuesday, July 22, and you can pre-order it here, but regardless of whether you pre-order it (although you still should, please, occasionally the publisher reminds me that part of the reason they are publishing the book is to actually sell copies of the book), you are hereby invited to the book party! It is at The POWERHOUSE Arena, a bookstore in Dumbo (37 Main St., Brooklyn, NY 11201) that is the only bookstore I’ve ever been inside that could legitimately lay claim to a name as sick as “The POWERHOUSE Arena.” Although pretty much every bookstore is sick in its own way, this one really is an arena.

The party is on Thursday, July 31from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and there will be an open bar with hard liquor as well as other kinds of alcohol. There will be DJ sets from Jon Caramanica (face all the way on the left), Sasha Frere-Jones (face next to his), and Tao Lin (face all the way on the right), and I will be “in conversation” with Jesse Cohen, one half of the band Tanlines and also the host of the podcast “No Effects.”

What I can promise is that if you come, you will have an amazing time, meet and make connections with people you will become close friends with, forge memories that will last for the rest of your life (especially if you are very young — my grandma doesn’t have a great short-term memory but remembers intricate details of sorority life in 1944, so even if you later lose your memory, you will still remember this book party, unless you’re already over 70 years old, in which case I would recommend taking pictures), and get trashed for free. This is all I can promise. I hope you will consider coming.

Spacebook Episode 9 - Anderson from Adam Cecil on Vimeo.

The same way our social media profiles are curated collections of photos, status updates, and links, our bedrooms, offices, and kitchens hold collections of objects that tell people who we are. Spacebook is a documentary webseries that looks to explore the subjects’ lives through these objects.

Mary Anderson, prompted by Spacebook co-creator Thomas Baldwin, gives us a small tour of her Brooklyn apartment, featuring lofted beds, giant fries, Tao Lin, and doggie beds. Mary is an artist who works primarily in Brooklyn. Her website says she works with the theme of voyeurism, which makes her a perfect fit for an episode of Spacebook.

Check out more episodes here:
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Spacebook - Episode Eight - “Anderson”
featuring Mary Anderson

interviewed by Thomas Baldwin
filmed and edited by Adam Cecil

Produced by Roving Brooklyn.

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