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I Am Directing A Play / Performance Piece / *~theatre~*

Here is the project description:

One of your friends invites you to coffee. He just broke up with his girlfriend. She was a frigid bitch who was always trying to control his life. He’s happy they broke up.


One of your friends invites you to coffee. She just broke up with her boyfriend. He was a cheating asshole who was always trying to control her life. She says good riddance.


He Said/She Said is half devised, half improvised theater. As an audience member, you start by sitting with either He or She and discussing their recent break-up. Fifteen minutes into the conversation, a bell rings, He & She stand up, and the play starts over again with a different side of the story sitting in front of you.

Devised over weeks of rehearsal, the actors know the truth of their relationship – how they met, how they fought, how they had sex, how they broke up. But, like all of us, the story has become twisted in their heads. Truth becomes a lie the other tells, lies become the truth they tell themselves.

As an audience member, you can say anything you want to He & She. They are your friends, after all. Interrogate them. Comfort them. Make them angry. Tell them they deserved it. Help them plot their ex’s murder. They are your friends, after all.

Here is information on how to come:

Performances run between August 27th and 31st. No tickets. Sign up for an appointment here:

You have to sign up for an appointment time. Appointments run approximately a half-hour long. 

Here are bios for the performers:

Allison Frasca (She) is a New York based actor and recent graduate from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She studied for three years with the Atlantic Theatre Company and one year with Stonestreet Conservatory for Screen Acting. She enjoys telling stories and loves her cat, Kitty, with all of her heart. 

Alex Aginian (He) is a New York-based writer, producer, and actor. He most recently played Peter Quince in the One Trick Circus’s inaugural production, Midsummer, and Rhys in the staged reading of My Father’s Funeral. He currently works as a script consultant for Cheri Magid’s The Write Draft and is finishing up his final year in TSOA’s Department of Dramatic Writing, where he concentrates in television writing.

Here’s a creepy photoshop I made to advertise it:

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